Osteomyelitis: characteristics and pitfalls of diagnosis with MR imaging.

  title={Osteomyelitis: characteristics and pitfalls of diagnosis with MR imaging.},
  author={William A. Erdman and F Tamburro and H T Jayson and Paul T. Weatherall and Kristian Ferry and Ronald M. Peshock},
  volume={180 2},
Prospective and retrospective magnetic resonance (MR) imaging (0.35-T) interpretations were compared with final diagnoses in 110 patients suspected to have osteomyelitis. Diagnostic criteria of dark marrow on T1-weighted images and bright marrow on short-tau inversion-recovery images yielded a prospective sensitivity of 98% and a prospective specificity of 75%. Sixty percent of uncomplicated septic joint effusions demonstrated abnormal marrow signal intensity that was mistaken for osteomyelitis… CONTINUE READING