Osteoinductive Implants: The Mise-en-scène for Drug-Bearing Biomimetic Coatings

  title={Osteoinductive Implants: The Mise-en-sc{\`e}ne for Drug-Bearing Biomimetic Coatings},
  author={Yu-Ting Liu and Klaas de Groot and Ernst Bruno Hunziker},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
In orthopaedic and dental implantology, novel tools and techniques are being sought to improve the regeneration of bone tissue. Numerous attempts have been made to enhance the osteoconductivity of titanium prostheses, including modifications in their surface properties and coating with layers of calcium phosphate. The technique whereby such layers are produced has recently undergone a revolutionary change, which has had profound consequences for their potential to serve as drug-carrier systems… CONTINUE READING
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