Osteogenic Sarconma; An Analysis of the Age and Sex Incidence


THE purpose of this communication is to present an analysis of the age and sex distribution of a consecutive group of 67 osteogenic sarcomata, and to compare and supplement certain data with those obtainable from other published series. The cases here reported are derived from the records of the Bristol Bone Tumour Register (BTR), and represent all such tumours registered and classified during the period 1946-1954. Relevant details of individual cases are given in Table I. It is not proposed in this paper to examine in any detail such aspects of osteogenic sarcoma as precise site of origin, histo-morphology, grading and prognosis, except where such may be germane to the general argument. It is, however, intended to present in the near future a further supplementary paper dealing with these several factors in full detail. Firstly however, it is essential to emphasize that there are certain peculiar differences between bone sarcomata in juveniles and in older subjects. Hence it is expedient to sub-divide the material for analysis into three groups of cases according to age at time of onset:

DOI: 10.1038/bjc.1955.57

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