Osteogenesis with cryopreserved marrow mesenchymal cells.

  title={Osteogenesis with cryopreserved marrow mesenchymal cells.},
  author={Takafumi Yoshikawa and Hiroshi Nakajima and Yoshinori Takakura and Akitaka Nonomura},
  journal={Tissue engineering},
  volume={11 1-2},
Rat marrow cells were collected from the femurs of 7-week-old male rats (Fischer 344), cultured in 75-cm2 flasks for 10 days, released with trypsin, and then frozen and stored at -196 degrees C in liquid nitrogen. Three months later, the cryopreserved marrow cells were rapidly thawed and cultured in porous hydroxyapatite (HA) blocks in osteogenic medium containing 10 mM sodium beta-glycerophosphate, vitamin C phosphate (82 microg/mL), and 10 nM dexamethasone. After 2 weeks of subculture… CONTINUE READING