Osteogenesis in in vivo diffusion chamber cultures of human marrow cells.

  title={Osteogenesis in in vivo diffusion chamber cultures of human marrow cells.},
  author={Itai A. Bab and L. Passi-Even and Dan Gazit and Eliezer Sekeles and Brian A Ashton and Nili Peylan-Ramu and Israel Ziv and M. Ulmansky},
  journal={Bone and mineral},
  volume={4 4},
The osteogenic diffusion chamber culture of rodent marrow cells is a well established system. In the present study, marrow cells from children and adult human donors were incubated in diffusion chambers implanted intraperitoneally in athymic mice. After 4 or 8 weeks, the chamber content was examined by light and electron microscopy. Child-cell cultures showed osteogenic tissue consisting of a mineralizing fibrous component and cartilage. Ultrastructurally, the fibrous tissue was similar to… CONTINUE READING
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