Osteogenesis imperfecta congenita and tarda: a temporal bone report.

  title={Osteogenesis imperfecta congenita and tarda: a temporal bone report.},
  author={Joan T Zajtchuk and J R Lindsay},
  journal={The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology},
  volume={84 3 Pt 1},
The temporal bone report of an operated case of osteogenesis imperfecta tarda is presented. Histological examination confirmed the presence of bilateral fixation of the footplate by otosclerosis as the cause of the conductive hearing loss. Fragility of bony septae in the mastoid and of the stapedial crura were observed. Sensorineural impairment in later years with a reduction in neural elements in the cochlea appear related to the extent and activity of the otosclerotic foci. Additional… CONTINUE READING