Osteocrin, a novel bone-specific secreted protein that modulates the osteoblast phenotype.

  title={Osteocrin, a novel bone-specific secreted protein that modulates the osteoblast phenotype.},
  author={Gethin P. Thomas and Pierre Moffatt and Patrick Salois and M H Gaumond and Rock Gingras and Eric E Godin and Dengshun Miao and David Goltzman and Christian Lanct{\^o}t},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 50},
Although a number of secreted factors have been demonstrated to be bone regulators, none of these are unique to bone. Using a viral-based signal-trap strategy we have identified a novel gene we have termed "osteocrin." A 1280-bp mRNA encodes osteocrin producing a mature protein of 103 amino acids with a molecular mass of 11.4 kDa. Osteocrin shows no homology with any known gene except for two conserved sequence motifs reminiscent of dibasic cleavage sites found in peptide hormone precursors… CONTINUE READING
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