Osteochondroma of the cervical spine: Report of two cases in preadolescent males

  title={Osteochondroma of the cervical spine: Report of two cases in preadolescent males},
  author={Gary S. Novick and Helene Pavlov and Peter G. Bullough},
  journal={Skeletal Radiology},
Although considered to be rare in the spine, osteochondromas are in fact found there as often as other benign bone tumors. Three percent of all osteochondromas occur in the spine, while forty percent of osteoblastomas are to be found there. Yet, because osteochondromas are so much more common overall than osteoblastomas, their actual occurrences in the spine can be expected to be equal. Two cases of osteochondroma of the cervical spine, one of which was diagnosed by computed tomography, are… CONTINUE READING


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