Osteochondral defect of the glenoid fossa: cross-sectional imaging features.

  title={Osteochondral defect of the glenoid fossa: cross-sectional imaging features.},
  author={Joseph Sekiguchi Yu and Guerdon Greenway and Donald Resnick},
  volume={206 1},
PURPOSE To evaluate the cross-sectional imaging features of osteochondral defects (OCDs) of the glenoid fossa and to elicit a more detailed analysis of the trauma, if any, that may cause this injury. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight patients (seven male patients, one female patient; age range, 15-42 years; mean age, 27 years) with an OCD in the glenoid fossa were identified. Conventional computed tomography (CT), CT arthrography, or magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was performed. Surgical… CONTINUE READING

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