Osteoblast-derived cells express functional glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide receptors.

  title={Osteoblast-derived cells express functional glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide receptors.},
  author={Roni J. Bollag and Qing Zhong and Phoebe Phillips and Li-juan Min and Laura Zhong and Rachel Cameron and Anthony L Mulloy and Howard Rasmussen and Fuzhong Qin and Ke Hong Ding and Carlos M. Isales},
  volume={141 3},
Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP) is a 42-amino acid peptide synthesized and secreted from endocrine cells in the small intestine. The role of GIP in coupling nutrient intake and insulin secretion, the incretin effect, is well known. We report that GIP receptor messenger RNA and protein are present in normal bone and osteoblast-like cell lines, and that high affinity receptors for GIP can be demonstrated by [125I]GIP binding studies. When applied to osteoblast-like cells (SaOS2… CONTINUE READING


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