Osteoarthritis: Positive feedback between ADAMTS-7 and TNF in OA

  title={Osteoarthritis: Positive feedback between ADAMTS-7 and TNF in OA},
  author={Jenny Buckland},
  journal={Nature Reviews Rheumatology},
demonstrating that targeted overexpression of ADAMTS-7 in chondrocytes induces chondrodysplasia in young mice but an OA-like phenotype in aged mice,” explain Xiu-Ping Yu and Chuan-Ju Liu, lead authors on the paper. Next, destabilization of medial meniscus surgery (a surgically-induced model of OA) was performed. Surgery led to more severe cartilage breakdown and accelerated OA progression in the Adamts-7 transgenic mice compared with wild-type mice. By contrast, the Adamts-7 knockdown mice had… CONTINUE READING

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