Osseointegrated implants and orbital defects: U.C.L.A. experience.

  title={Osseointegrated implants and orbital defects: U.C.L.A. experience.},
  author={Russell D Nishimura and Eleni D Roumanas and Peter Keyren Moy and Tamotsu Sugai and Earl G. Freymiller},
  journal={The Journal of prosthetic dentistry},
  volume={79 3},
PURPOSE A clinical study of 23 craniofacial implants placed in 8 irradiated and nonirradiated orbital detects was conducted over a 7-year period. MATERIAL AND METHODS Implant-retained orbital prostheses were fabricated, implant success rate was determined, and the soft tissue responses were recorded at 6-month intervals. As a result of patient death, no data were gathered on three implants. A five-point scale was used to record the health of the peri-implant soft tissues and the patients were… CONTINUE READING

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