Osmotic stress response in Dictyostelium is mediated by cAMP.

  title={Osmotic stress response in Dictyostelium is mediated by cAMP.},
  author={Angelika Ott and Felix Oehme and Hansjoerg Keller and Stephan C. Schuster},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={19 21},
DokA, a homolog of bacterial hybrid histidine kinases, is essential for hyperosmotic stress resistance in Dictyostelium: We show that a transient intracellular cAMP signal, dependent on the presence of DokA, is generated in response to an osmotic shock. This variation of cAMP levels contributes to survival under hypertonic conditions. In contrast to the low cAMP levels observed in dokA(-) strains, overexpression of the receiver domain of DokA causes an increase in cAMP levels, resulting in a… CONTINUE READING

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