Osmotic regulation of cyclic 1,2-beta-glucan synthesis.

  title={Osmotic regulation of cyclic 1,2-beta-glucan synthesis.},
  author={Nora I{\~n}{\'o}n de Iannino and G Briones and Florencia Iannino and Rodolfo Augusto Ugalde},
  volume={146 ( Pt 7)},
In contrast to what happens in AGROBACTERIUM: tumefaciens and RHIZOBIUM: meliloti, synthesis of periplasmic cyclic 1,2-beta-glucan in BRUCELLA: spp. was not inhibited when bacteria were grown in media of high osmolarity. Studies performed with crude membrane preparations showed that cyclic 1,2-beta-glucan synthetase of BRUCELLA: spp. was not inhibited by 0.5 M KCl or potassium glutamate; concentrations that completely inhibit the osmosensitive enzymes of A. tumefaciens A348 or R. meliloti… CONTINUE READING