Osmotic pressure induced tensile forces in tendon collagen

  title={Osmotic pressure induced tensile forces in tendon collagen},
  author={Admir Masic and Luca Bertinetti and Roman Schuetz and Shu-Wei Chang and Till Hartmut Metzger and Markus J Buehler and Peter Fratzl},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
Water is an important component of collagen in tendons, but its role for the function of this load-carrying protein structure is poorly understood. Here we use a combination of multi-scale experimentation and computation to show that water is an integral part of the collagen molecule, which changes conformation upon water removal. The consequence is a shortening of the molecule that translates into tensile stresses in the range of several to almost 100 MPa, largely surpassing those of about 0.3… CONTINUE READING

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