Osmotic and ion regulation in different species of acipenserids (acipenseriformes, acipenseridae)

  title={Osmotic and ion regulation in different species of acipenserids (acipenseriformes, acipenseridae)},
  author={L. S. Krayushkina and O. G. Semenova},
  journal={Journal of Ichthyology},
Species specificity of osmotic and ion regulation in five species of acipenserids connected in varying degrees with sea conditions is investigated. The objects of study were freshwater middle-Volga sterlet Acipenser ruthenus; Siberian sturgeon A. baerii, inhabiting the Lena River and migrating to the sea near the river mouth; and the following migratory acipenserids of the Volga-Caspian Basin (regular diadromous migrations): the Russian sturgeon A. gueldenstaedtii, the great sturgeon Huso huso… 

Study of the osmotic regulation processing in the juvenile Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus. Borodin, 1897 in transfer directly to the Caspian seawater

  • S. Farabi
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
  • 2021
The results showed that the survival in all groups in CSW was from 56% up to 76% and increased with increasing age and weight of fish and it is possible to release juvenile sturgeon directly from FW to CSW with increasing weight and age.

Initial salinity tolerance and ion-osmotic parameters in juvenile Russian Sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, Brandt, 1833

The salinity tolerance, hematological and hydromineral regulation capabilities of juvenile Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) were investigated in different ages and sizes in freshwater

Feeding Acipenser persicus and Huso huso (Acipenseriformes) larvae with Artemia urmiana nauplii enriched with HUFA and vitamin C: II. Effect on tolerance to shock exposure of environmental factors

It is shown that feeding with Artemia nauplii enriched with HUFA and higher concentrations of vitamin C induces significantly higher tolerance to shocks in abiotic conditions in fish larvae of both species, as shown by higher survival.

Taste preferences and feeding behavior in threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus in marine and fresh waters

It is concluded that, in migratory fish, the abrupt change of external osmotic conditions is not accompanied by noticeable changes on taste preferences and the majority of substances retain their gustatory properties.

Effects of Salinity Changes on Hematological Responses in Juvenile Ship Sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris

Results indicated that in natural environments, juvenile ship sturgeon, A. nudiventris in migratory populations could be able to migrate and adjust successfully into brackish water with a salinity of up to 8‰ without any short-term hematological stress responses.

Initial salinity tolerance and ion-osmotic parameters in juvenile Russian sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, Brandt, 1833.

Results showed that the salinity tolerance, hematological and hydromineral regulation capabilities of juvenile Russian sturgeon did not return to initial values in the new environment and then physiological changes happened.

Contribution of the researchers of the Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology of Saint-Petersburg State University to the conservation of the Caspian sturgeon population

The paper deals with the main historical moments of the Caspian sturgeon population dynamics and the formation of their stocks. The participation of researchers of the Department of Ichthyology and



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