[Osgood's semantic differential in psychopathology: a differential study].


The aim of this paper is to analyze the meanings differences in the temporal perspective of two clinic groups. Some of them showed dysthymic disorders and the other group were found to be paranoiac schizophrenic patients. An differential semantic was used (ACTUAL SELF, IDEAL SELF, NEGATIVE SELF) to analyze to structure of the self-concept and to determine differences in the concepts for temporal perspective (PRESENT, PAST, FUTURE). The results obtained by means of the measurement of meaning correspond to the clinic data. The authors attempt to begin the study of the differences in psychic processes in several clinical groups.

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@article{Mateo1991OsgoodsSD, title={[Osgood's semantic differential in psychopathology: a differential study].}, author={M A Abad Mateo and Ana Morales Ortiz and J Nieto Munuera and M M Ortiz Zabala}, journal={Actas luso-españolas de neurología, psiquiatría y ciencias afines}, year={1991}, volume={19 3}, pages={149-53} }