Oscillatory mass transport in vapor-liquid-solid growth of sapphire nanowires.

  title={Oscillatory mass transport in vapor-liquid-solid growth of sapphire nanowires.},
  author={Sang Ho Oh and Matthew F Chisholm and Yaron Kauffmann and W. D. Kaplan and Weidong Luo and Manfred R{\"u}hle and Christina Scheu},
  volume={330 6003},
In vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth, the liquid phase plays a pivotal role in mediating mass transport from the vapor source to the growth front of a nanowire. Such transport often takes place through the liquid phase. However, we observed by in situ transmission electron microscopy a different behavior for self-catalytic VLS growth of sapphire nanowires. The growth occurs in a layer-by-layer fashion and is accomplished by interfacial diffusion of oxygen through the ordered liquid aluminum atoms… CONTINUE READING

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