Oscillatory behavior of the domain wall fermions revisited

  title={Oscillatory behavior of the domain wall fermions revisited},
  author={Jian Zhi Liang and Yongsheng Chen and Ming Shan Gong and Long-cheng Gui and Keh-Fei Liu and Zhaofeng Liu and Yong Zhao},
In the generic domain wall fermion formulation of chiral fermions on the lattice, the zero modes of the four-dimensional Wilson fermion operator with the negative mass parameter -M-5 introduce unphysical massive modes propagating in the four-dimensional spacetime. In the free fermion case, the pole mass of this kind of unphysical modes is given by (E) over bar = ln(1-M-5), which acquires an imaginary part, i pi, when M-5 > 1 and results in an oscillatory behavior of the domain wall fermion… CONTINUE READING

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