Oscillations up to 712 GHz in InAs/AlSb resonant‐tunneling diodes

  title={Oscillations up to 712 GHz in InAs/AlSb resonant‐tunneling diodes},
  author={Elliott R. Brown and Johan S{\"o}derstr{\"o}m and Christopher D. Parker and Leonard J. Mahoney and Karen M. Molvar and T. C. Mcgill},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
Oscillations have been obtained at frequencies from 100 to 712 GHz in InAs/AlSb double‐barrier resonant‐tunneling diodes at room temperature. The measured power density at 360 GHz was 90 W cm−2, which is 50 times that generated by GaAs/AlAs diodes at essentially the same frequency. The oscillation at 712 GHz represents the highest frequency reported to date from a solid‐state electronic oscillator at room temperature. 

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