Oscillations of a Hanging Liquid Drop, Driven by Interfacial Dielectric Force

  title={Oscillations of a Hanging Liquid Drop, Driven by Interfacial Dielectric Force},
  author={N. Tankovsky and Nikolay Zografov},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physikalische Chemie},
  pages={405 - 411}
Abstract Experimental technique is proposed to excite oscillations of a hanging liquid droplet by applying interfacial dielectric force directly upon the droplet surface. The force proved to be applicable for all kinds of liquids and solutions including non-conductive, isolating liquids. The oscillations are detected optically, with the help of a laser beam. The measured resonant frequency modes and resonance half-widths may be used to retrieve information about the surface properties of the… 
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