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Oscillations in a Becker-D\"oring model with injection and depletion

  title={Oscillations in a Becker-D\"oring model with injection and depletion},
  author={Barbara Niethammer and Robert L. Pego and Andr{\'e} Schlichting and Juan J. L. Vel'azquez},
We study the Becker–Döring bubblelator, a variant of the Becker–Döring coagulation-fragmentation system that models the growth of clusters by gain or loss of monomers. Motivated by models of gas evolution oscillators from physical chemistry, we incorporate injection of monomers and depletion of large clusters. For a wide range of physical rates, the Becker–Döring system itself exhibits a dynamic phase transition as mass density increases past a critical value. We connect the Becker–Döring… Expand

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