Oscillations in Mixed-Feedback Systems

  title={Oscillations in Mixed-Feedback Systems},
  author={Amritam Das and Thomas Chaffey and Rodolphe Sepulchre},
  journal={Syst. Control. Lett.},

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Circuit Analysis using Monotone+Skew Splitting

—It is shown that the behavior of an m -port circuit of maximal monotone elements can be expressed as a zero of the sum of a maximal monotone operator containing the circuit elements, and a

Monotone one-port circuits

periodic input signals are shown to be mapped to periodic output signals, and these input-output behav-iors can be computed using a maximal monotone splitting algorithm, which decomposes the computation according to the circuit topology.

Splitting algorithms and circuit analysis

This extended abstract presents new splitting algorithms specially suited to these structures, for interconnections of monotone and anti-monotone relations.



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The conditions for limit cycling of a single-loop nonlinear feedback system are considered in terms of the describing function for a single-valued symmetrical time- and frequency-independent

Analysis of Interconnected Oscillators by Dissipativity Theory

It is shown that this characterization of oscillators as open systems that satisfy a particular dissipation inequality has implications for the global stability analysis of limit cycle oscillations: i) in isolated oscillators, ii) in interconnections of oscillations, and iii) for theglobal synchrony analysis in interConnections of identical oscillators.

Absolute stability and the Lagrange-Dirichlet theorem with monotone multivalued mappings

  • B. Brogliato
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No.01CH37228)
  • 2001
An extension of the absolute stability problem and of the Lagrange–Dirichlet theorem is presented, when the nonlinearities entering the model are considered within the class of monotone multivalued mappings.

Monotone Circuits

Maximal monotonicity is explored as a generalization of the linear theory of passivity, which allows for algorithmic system analysis of an important physical property of nonlinear 1-port circuits.

Linear passive systems and maximal monotone mappings

It is concluded that such interconnections are well-posed in the sense of existence and uniqueness of solutions when the underlying linear system is passive and the static relation is maximal monotone.

Incrementally port-Hamiltonian systems

This paper introduces the new class of incrementally port-Hamiltonian systems. This class can be obtained from standard port-Hamiltonian systems by replacing the composition of the Dirac structure

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Relying on the Yosida approximate, we present an algorithmic approach for finding a critical point of the difference of two maximal monotone operators in a finite dimensional real Hilbert space. The

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  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1960
Fundamental existence and uniqueness theorems for electrical networks of non-linear resistors are proved in an abstract form, as theorems of pure mathematics. The two groups from which the ‘currents’

Dynamics of pattern formation in lateral-inhibition type neural fields

  • S. Amari
  • Physics
    Biological Cybernetics
  • 2004
The dynamics of pattern formation is studied for lateral-inhibition type homogeneous neural fields with general connections and it is proved that there are five types of pattern dynamics.