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Oscillating Solitons and AC Josephson Effect in Ferromagnetic Bose-Bose Mixtures

  title={Oscillating Solitons and AC Josephson Effect in Ferromagnetic Bose-Bose Mixtures},
  author={Sebastiano Bresolin and Arko Roy and G. Ferrari and Alessio Recati and Nicolas Pavloff},
Close to the demixing transition, the degree of freedom associated to relative density fluctuations of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate is described by a non-dissipative Landau-Lifshitz equation. In the quasi one-dimensional weakly immiscible case, this mapping surprisingly predicts that a dark-bright soliton should oscillate when subject to a constant force favoring separation of the two components. We propose a realistic experimental implementation of this phenomenon which we interpret… 

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