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Oscilaciones respiratorias y no respiratorias del flujo sanguíneo de la piel: una ventana para estudiar la función de las fibras simpáticas a los vasos de la piel

  title={Oscilaciones respiratorias y no respiratorias del flujo sangu{\'i}neo de la piel: una ventana para estudiar la funci{\'o}n de las fibras simp{\'a}ticas a los vasos de la piel},
  author={B. Esta{\~n}ol and H. Sent{\'i}es-Madrid and Y. Elias and Pl{\'a}cido Coyac and R. Mart{\'i}nez-Memije and Oscar Infante and J. F. T{\'e}llez-Zenteno and G. Garc{\'i}a-Ramos},
  journal={Revista Portuguesa De Pneumologia},
Summary Objective of the study: The skin blood flow (SBF) has been known to oscillate in frequency and amplitude. The nature and type of these oscillations have remained obscure. We studied the oscillations of the SBF in frequency and amplitude with non invasive techniques during normal breathing at rest and compared it to the oscillations during rhythmic paced breathing at 6 cycles per minute. Subjects and methods: Thirty healthy subjects were studied under normothermic conditions. The… Expand
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