Oscar Seasons: The Intersection of Data and the Academy Awards

  title={Oscar Seasons: The Intersection of Data and the Academy Awards},
  author={Ben Zauzmer},

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This paper investigates the effect of Oscar nominations and awards on movies' financial success by estimating the impact on weekly returns and on movies' survival time. Our findings suggest that

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This study finds that the performance in other awards shows is highly predictive of the Oscar victory whereas box office results are not, and this study is unique in both comparing and aggregating four traditional data sources, and considering critical attributes beyond accuracy.

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It is found that discussion patterns on IMDb predict Academy Awards nominations and box office success, and weighting the forum posts of the contributors according to their network position allow for predict trends and real world events in the movie business.

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The film industry provides a myriad of interesting problems for economic contemplation. From the initial concept of an idea through production, distribution and finally exhibition there are many

The Greatest Show on Earth [Motion Picture

  • United States: Paramount Pictures
  • 1952

BlacKkKlansman[Motion Picture]. United States: Focus Features, Legendary Entertainment, Perfect World Pictures

  • Box Office Mojo
  • 2018

92nd Academy Awards of Merit

  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • 2019