OsIAA13-mediated auxin signaling is involved in lateral root initiation in rice.

  title={OsIAA13-mediated auxin signaling is involved in lateral root initiation in rice.},
  author={Yuka Kitomi and Hiroki Inahashi and Hinako Takehisa and Yutaka Sato and Yoshiaki Inukai},
  journal={Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology},
The plant hormone auxin is essential for root formation. After auxin perception, transmission of the auxin signal progresses through the degradation of Aux/IAA proteins. In this study, we newly isolated and characterized a rice gain-of-function mutant, Osiaa13, containing a single amino acid substitution in the core sequence required for the degradation of the OsIAA13 protein. The Osiaa13 mutant displayed typical auxin-related phenotypes: the number of lateral roots was significantly reduced… CONTINUE READING
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