OsAMT1.3 expression alters rice ammonium uptake kinetics and root morphology

  title={OsAMT1.3 expression alters rice ammonium uptake kinetics and root morphology},
  author={Leandro M. Ferreira and Vin{\'i}cius M. A. de Souza and Orlando Carlos Huertas Tavares and Everaldo Zonta and Claudete Santa-Catarina and S{\^o}nia Regina de Souza and Manlio Silvestre Fernandes and Leandro Azevedo Santos},
  journal={Plant Biotechnology Reports},
High-affinity ammonium transporters (AMT1) are responsible for ammonium (NH4 +) acquisition and/or perception in the micromolar range, and their expressions can be differentially regulated by nitrogen (N) availability. The present study characterised the functions of the rice (Oryza sativa) OsAMT1.3 transporter to understand its contribution to NH4 + acquisition and plant adaptation to environments with low N availability. Transgenic rice plants were obtained to study the activity of the OsAMT1… CONTINUE READING
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