Orthostatic hypotension, non-dipping and striatal dopamine in Parkinson disease

  title={Orthostatic hypotension, non-dipping and striatal dopamine in Parkinson disease},
  author={Yoon-Sang Oh and Joong Seok Kim and Yong-An Chung and Ie Ryung You and D P Yang and Sung-Woo Chung and Jeong Wook Park and Yeong-In Kim and Kwangsoo Lee},
  journal={Neurological Sciences},
Orthostatic hypotension and non-dipping are relatively common autonomic dysfunctions in patients with Parkinson disease (PD). These abnormalities have been thought to occur independently of striatal dopaminergic depletion; however, only little preliminary information is available. In this study, we investigated the association of neurocirculatory changes with striatal dopamine transporter status in 69 patients with early PD. Seventeen patients had orthostatic hypotension and 55 patients were… CONTINUE READING

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