[Orthopedic surgical management of the diabetic foot].


The basic prerequisite for the successful treatment of the diabetic foot is a multidisciplinary approach. Ideally, the diagnosis and treatment is managed by a podiatrist, who is also responsible for a cost-effective and well-managed setting. General concern of diabetics is the fear of losing a limb. On the basis of multidisciplinary approach is pos-sible to prevent major amputations in many cases, or in case of them to ensure the prosthetic and rehabilitation care. New possibilities of revascularization and cooperation with antibiotic centers increase the success of surgical treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. Surgical procedures could be divided into four classes: elective, prophylactic, curative, emergent. The aim of elective operations is the correction of painful deformities that are at risk for the formation of ulcers. Surgical procedures are the same as in non-diabetics. Prophylactic procedures comprises reconstruction of Charcot foot. Special surgical procedures described the concept of "superconstruct". Curative procedures help to heal ulcers when conservative treatment fails. Type of procedure is planned with regard of the extent of osteomyelitis and of the intervention in architectonics of the foot to prevent a recurrence of the ulcer. Emergent procedures are performed in case of acute infection. Radical revision of all affected compartments with evacuation of the abscesses, adequate antibiotic therapy and revascularization are essential.Key words: amputation - diabetic foot - Charcot neuroarthropathy - osteomyelitis.

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