Orthogonally additive polynomials on C*-Algebras

  title={Orthogonally additive polynomials on C*-Algebras},
  author={Carlos Palazuelos and Antonio M. Peralta and Ignacio Villanueva},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of Mathematics},
We show that for every orthogonally additive scalar n-homogeneous polynomial P on a C*-algebra A there exists phi in A* satisfying P(x) = phi(x(n)), for each element x in A. The vector-valued analogue follows as a corollary. 
Orthogonally additive polynomials on the algebras of approximable operators
Abstract Let X and Y be Banach spaces, let stands for the algebra of approximable operators on X, and let be an orthogonally additive, continuous n-homogeneous polynomial. If has the bounded
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The following theorem is due to
Let A be a C ∗ -algebra. We prove that a holomorphic function of bounded type f : A → C is orthogonally additive on Asa if, and only if, it is additive on elements having zeroproduct if, and only if,
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Let E be a Banach lattice, λ1, λ2, . . . , λk non-zero scalars and φ1, φ2, . . . , φk pairwise independent linear functionals on E. We show that if k < m then ∑k j=1 λjφ m j is orthogonally additive
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Let A be a C ∗ -algebra. We prove that a holomorphic function of bounded type f : A → C is orthogonally additive on Asa if, and only if, it is additive on elements having zeroproduct if, and only if,


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Throughout this paper, A will be a C*-algebra and A will be the real Banach space of self-adjoint elements of A. The unit ball of A is A\ and the unit ball of 4 is 4χ. We do not assume the existence
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