Orthogonally Additive and Orthogonality Preserving Holomorphic Mappings between C*-Algebras

  title={Orthogonally Additive and Orthogonality Preserving Holomorphic Mappings between C*-Algebras},
  author={Jorge J. Garc'es and Antonio M. Peralta and Daniele Puglisi and Mar'ia Isabel Ram'irez},
  journal={Abstract and Applied Analysis},
We study holomorphic maps between C-algebras and , when is a holomorphic mapping whose Taylor series at zero is uniformly converging in some open unit ball . If we assume that is orthogonality preserving and orthogonally additive on and contains an invertible element in , then there exist a sequence in and Jordan -homomorphisms such that uniformly in . When is abelian, the hypothesis of being unital and can be relaxed to get the same statement. 
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