Orthogonal starters in finite abelian groups

  title={Orthogonal starters in finite abelian groups},
  author={Joseph Douglas Horton},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
Two problems are considered. First, the conjecture that all odd abelian groups except H,, Es, H,, and Z, + Z, admit strong starters, is reduced to finding strong starters in five types of groups; the cyclic groups of order 3p, 9p, 3’ for k > 6, 5 .3“ for k > 4, and ZL, + hs, where p is any odd prime greater than 111. It is shown that all abelian groups G of odd order greater than 5 such that three does not divide the order of G admits a strong starter. As well, strong starters are given in some… CONTINUE READING