Orthogonal polarization spectroscopy to detect mesenteric hypoperfusion

  title={Orthogonal polarization spectroscopy to detect mesenteric hypoperfusion},
  author={H. Van der Bracht and Vladimir Krejci and Luzius B. Hiltebrand and Sebastian Brandt and G H Sigurdsson and Syed Zafar Ali and Jukka Takala and Stephan M. Jakob},
  journal={Intensive Care Medicine},
Orthogonal polarization spectral (OPS) imaging is used to assess mucosal microcirculation. We tested sensitivity and variability of OPS in the assessment of mesenteric blood flow (Q sma) reduction. University Animal Laboratory. In eight pigs, Q sma was reduced in steps of 15% from baseline; five animals served as controls. Jejunal mucosal microcirculatory blood flow was recorded with OPS and laser Doppler flowmetry at each step. OPS data from each period were collected and randomly ordered… CONTINUE READING
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