Orthogonal Eigenstructure Control for Vibration Suppression


Orthogonal eigenstructure control is a novel active control method for vibration suppression in multi-input multi-output linear systems. This method is based on finding an output feedback control gain matrix in such a way that the closed-loop eigenvectors are almost orthogonal to the open-loop ones. Singular value decomposition is used to find the matrix, which spans the null space of the closed-loop eigenvectors. This matrix has a unique property that has been used in this new method. This unique property, which has been proved here, can be used to regenerate the open-loop system by finding a coefficient vector, which leads to a zero gain matrix. Also several vectors, which are orthogonal to the open-loop eigenvectors, can be found simultaneously. The proposed method does not need any trial and error procedure and eliminates not only the need to specify any location or area for the closed-loop eigenvalues but also the requirements of defining the desired eigenvectors. This method determines a set of limited number of closed-loop systems. Also, the elimination of the extra constraints on the locations of the closed-loop poles prevents the excessive force in actuators. DOI: 10.1115/1.4000598

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