Orthodox Christianity and Economic Development: A Critical Overview

  title={Orthodox Christianity and Economic Development: A Critical Overview},
  author={Vasilios N. Makrides},
  journal={Archives de sciences sociales des religions},
Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism has opened a debate that continues up to this day concerning the impact of religious beliefs on economic dispositions, attitudes and actions. His main thesis was subsequently tested in a variety of national, cultural and religious contexts including the Orthodox Christian. Weber himself, being familiar to some extent with the Russian Orthodox case, had occasionally expressed the view that this type of Christianity was too… 
Religious change in Orthodox-majority Eastern Europe: from Nation-State to Global-Market
This article mobilises an analytical framework developed by the author in a series of solo and joint publications according to which religion has shifted from a Nation-State to a Global-Market
When States Fail: The Politics of Orthodox Churches, Forced Displacement and Humanitarian Structures in Serbia and Ukraine
In Serbia, during the 2015 European refugee crisis, the Orthodox Church mobilized communities in providing humanitarian aid before local authorities and the government issued an organized response.
– The philosophical and political relevance of a spiritual autobiography
An important voice of the Russian exile in France, Nicolas Berdyaev started as a Kantian-Marxist (ed. Audi 2015:97; Bompiani 2006:1187) and ended up a Christian-existentialist thinker. Having
Nicolas Berdyaev – The philosophical and political relevance of a spiritual autobiography
Nicolas Berdyaev’s spiritual autobiography was, unfortunately, the least well-known of his publications. Therefore, we will try to shed light on it, emphasising its philosophical and political value.
The new Ukrainian Autocephalous Church and its image in the ecumenical space
An important moment in the recent history of the Eastern Orthodox Church was for sure the recognition granted to the Ukrainian Orthodoxy by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople with the
„Ani kapłani, ani błaźni”. Odsłony zwrotu postsekularnego w antropologii
Neither Priests nor Clowns: Attitudes Towards the Postsecular Turn in Anthropology The article discusses the issue of the postsecular turn in contemporary anthropology, taking into account the