[Orthodontic partial disimpaction of mandibular third molars prior to surgical extraction].


Odontodysplasia of the third molars is a relatively common anomaly. The frequent complications associated with this disorder very often constitute an indication for extraction of the third molar. This surgical treatment can damage the lower alveolar nerve and/or trigger distal bone loss of the second molar, thus jeopardizing the future status of the periodontium. The author presents two case studies treated exclusively with miniscrews with no dental anchorage in order to achieve partial eruption of the third molar moving it away from the lower alveolar nerve and to avoid unwanted impact on other teeth. Following this procedure, the third molar was extracted without complications. In conclusion, this approach can offer an alternative to surgical treatment alone in cases where the proximity of tooth and nerve poses a significant risk.

DOI: 10.1016/S1761-7227(09)74625-X

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