Orphanin FQ: a neuropeptide that activates an opioidlike G protein-coupled receptor.

  title={Orphanin FQ: a neuropeptide that activates an opioidlike G protein-coupled receptor.},
  author={Rainer K Reinscheid and H P Nothacker and Anne Bourson and Ali Ardati and Robert A Henningsen and James R. Bunzow and David K. Grandy and H. Hans Langen and Frederick J. Monsma and Olivier Civelli},
  volume={270 5237},
A heptadecapeptide was identified and purified from porcine brain tissue as a ligand for an orphan heterotrimeric GTP-binding protein (G protein)-coupled receptor (LC132) that is similar in sequence to opioid receptors. This peptide, orphanin FQ, has a primary structure reminiscent of that of opioid peptides. Nanomolar concentrations of orphanin FQ inhibited forskolin-stimulated adenylyl cyclase activity in cells transfected with LC132. This inhibitory activity was not affected by the addition… CONTINUE READING
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