Orosomucoid, Carotid Plaque, and Incidence of Stroke.

  title={Orosomucoid, Carotid Plaque, and Incidence of Stroke.},
  author={John Berntsson and Gerd {\"O}stling and Margaretha Persson and Jan Gustav Smith and Bo Hedblad and Gunnar Engstr{\"o}m},
  volume={47 7},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Orosomucoid (α-1-acid glycoprotein) is an acute-phase protein that has been implicated in anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, and angiogenic pathways. Orosomucoid has also been associated with coronary disease and stroke. The relationship between orosomucoid, carotid plaque, and stroke incidence were explored in this study. METHODS… CONTINUE READING