Oropharyngeal Gram-negative bacillary carriage: a survey of 120 healthy individuals.

  title={Oropharyngeal Gram-negative bacillary carriage: a survey of 120 healthy individuals.},
  author={Kevin J Mobbs and Hendrick K. F. van Saene and Deirdre Sunderland and Peter D. O. Davies},
  volume={115 6},
BACKGROUND The presence of aerobic Gram-negative bacilli (AGNB) in the oropharynx can be either temporary or persistent. Prolonged colonization (ie, carriage) is distinguished from transient presence (ie, acquisition), which often occurs in healthy individuals but less frequently in those with underlying disease. Prevalence rates of up to 61.1% quoted previously for healthy individuals were obtained by using single sample surveys, which fail to differentiate acquisition from carriage. STUDY… CONTINUE READING

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