Oronasal distribution of respiratory airflow.

  title={Oronasal distribution of respiratory airflow.},
  author={Veli Niinimaa and Philip H. Quanjer Sanja Stanojevic Janet Stocks Tim J. Cole and Sheldon S Mintz and Roy Jesse Shephard},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={43 1},
The oronasal distribution of respiratory airflow was determined during incrementally graded submaximal exercise in 30 (14 M, 16 F) healthy adult volunteers. Nasal airflow was measured by a pneumotachograph attached to a nasal mask. Oral airflow was determined as the difference between nasal airflow and total pulmonary airflow, the latter being measured by a head-out exercise body plethysmograph. The two airflow signals were sampled every 20 msec by a microprocessor, which calculated the oral… CONTINUE READING

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