Orogenic-wedge deformation and potential for great earthquakes in the central Andean backarc

  title={Orogenic-wedge deformation and potential for great earthquakes in the central Andean backarc},
  author={Benjamin A. Brooks and Michael Bevis and Kelin X. Whipple and J. Ramon Arrowsmith and J. Foster and Tomas Zapata and Eric Kendrick and Estella Minaya and Arturo Echalar and Milagros Alonso Blanco and Pablo A. Euillades and Mario Sandoval and Robert Smalley},
Subduction of the Nazca plate beneath South America has driven the growth of the Andes Mountains. Subduction has routinely generated earthquakes larger than magnitude 8.0 along the western margin of the mountain belt1, but the potential size of less frequent earthquakes in the eastern, backarc margin is unknown. Continued support of the high Andean Plateau at the centre of the Andes can be explained only if deformation of the backarc margin is ongoing2–4. Here we present GPS data that record… CONTINUE READING


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