Ornithology: Digging for dodo

  title={Ornithology: Digging for dodo},
  author={Henry Alfred Alford Nicholls},
  • H. Nicholls
  • Published 13 September 2006
  • Art, History
  • Nature
No one has seen a dodo in three and a half centuries, but that hasn't stopped the bizarre speculation about this extinct bird. Henry Nicholls investigates whether recent excavations in Mauritius could reveal the real creature.The Dodo todayThe dodo is famously extinct, but surprisingly little is known about when and how it met its end. And its appearance is famously familiar, as an ungainly creature that looks lucky to have lived at all. But revisionist dodo history is now being written, and… 
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A review of the dodo and its ecosystem: insights from a vertebrate concentration Lagerstätte in Mauritius
This interdisciplinary research approach provides an ecological framework for the dodo, complementing insights on its anatomy derived from the only associated dodo skeletons known, both of which were collected by Etienne Thirioux and are the primary subject of this memoir.


Flightless birds: When did the dodo become extinct?
This work uses a statistical method to establish the actual extinction time of the dodo as 1690, almost 30 years after its most recent sighting.
Palaeobiology: Dutch diaries and the demise of the dodo
New historical data derived from records of hunting caches are analysed, which confirm that specimens of R. cucullatus were collected regularly for at least 26 years beyond 1662, and a new extinction date is calculated, which differs by only three years from that calculated by Roberts and Solow but which greatly narrows the confidence interval.
The history of the Dodo Raphus cucullatus and the penguin of Mauritius
All aspects of the dodo's ecological history, contemporary accounts and illustrations, importation of specimens and fossil record are examined, and evidence is provided to suggest that many conclusions based on the available data are problematic.
Flight of the dodo.
The evolutionary history of the dodo is very poorly understood. Like many avian island endemics, a high degree of morphological change associated with flightlessness and gigantism has obscured
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This chapter is an attempt to fill the gap in the available material from an ecological point of view of the Mascarene islands by reviewing the history of Portuguese movements in the Indian Ocean in the sixteenth century.