Origins of the many NPY-family receptors in mammals.

  title={Origins of the many NPY-family receptors in mammals.},
  author={Dan Larhammar and A. Wraith and Magnus M. Berglund and Sara K S Holmberg and Ingrid Lundell},
  volume={22 3},
The NPY system has a multitude of effects and is particularly well known for its role in appetite regulation. We have found that the five presently known receptors in mammals arose very early in vertebrate evolution before the appearance of jawed vertebrates 400 million years ago. The genes Y(1), Y(2) and Y(5) arose by local duplications and are still present on the same chromosome in human and pig. Duplications of this chromosome led to the Y(1)-like genes Y(4) and y(6). We find evidence for… CONTINUE READING

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