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Origins of the UV/X-ray Relation in Arakelian 120

  title={Origins of the UV/X-ray Relation in Arakelian 120},
  author={Ra’ad D Mahmoud and C. Done and D. Porquet and A. P. Lobban},
We explore the accretion geometry in Arakelian 120 using intensive UV and X-ray monitoring from Swift . The hard X-rays ( 1 − 10 keV) show large amplitude, fast (few-day) variability, so we expect reverberation from the disc to produce UV variability from the varying hard X-ray illumination. We model the spectral energy distribution including an outer standard disc (optical), an intermediate warm Comptonisation region (UV and soft X-ray) and a hot corona (hard X-rays). Unlike the lower… 



A deep X-ray view of the bare AGN Ark120. V. Spin determination from disc-Comptonisation efficiency method

[Abridged] In our previous work on Ark 120, we found that its 2014 X-ray spectrum is dominated by Comptonisation, while the relativistic reflection emission only originates at tens of $R_{\rm g}$

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