Origins of motility patterns in isolated arterially perfused rat intestine.

  title={Origins of motility patterns in isolated arterially perfused rat intestine.},
  author={Premysl Bercik and David Armstrong and Robert Fraser and Pierre Dutoit and Carsten Emde and M. P. Primi and Andr{\'e} Louis Blum and Pavel Kucera},
  volume={106 3},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Assessment of the neuromuscular control of small intestinal motility and movement of luminal contents is hampered in vivo by measurement techniques and in vitro by tissue viability. The aim of this study was to establish the structural and functional integrity of an isolated segment of rat ileum and characterize its motility. METHODS Segments of rat ileum were perfused arterially with oxygenated fluorocarbon and luminally with saline. Oral and aboral pressures were correlated… CONTINUE READING


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