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Origins of Purpose in Life: Refining our Understanding of a Life Well Lived

  title={Origins of Purpose in Life: Refining our Understanding of a Life Well Lived},
  author={T. Kashdan and Patrick E. McKnight},
  journal={Psychological topics},
  • T. Kashdan, Patrick E. McKnight
  • Published 2009
  • Psychology
  • Psychological topics
  • Purpose can be characterized as a central, self-organizing life aim. Central in that when present, purpose is a predominant theme of a person’s identity. Selforganizing in that it provides a framework for systematic behavior patterns in everyday life. As a life aim, a purpose generates continual goals and targets for efforts to be devoted. A purpose provides a bedrock foundation that allows a person to be more resilient to obstacles, stress, and strain. In this paper, we outline a theoretical… CONTINUE READING
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