Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs

  title={Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs},
  author={A. Bergstr{\"o}m and Laurent A. F. Frantz and R. Schmidt and E. Ersmark and O. Lebrasseur and Linus Girdland-Flink and A. T. Lin and J. Stor{\aa} and Karl-G{\"o}ran Sj{\"o}gren and D. Anthony and E. Antipina and Sarieh Amiri and G. Bar-Oz and V. I. Bazaliiskii and Jelena Bulatovi{\'c} and D. Brown and Alberto Carmagnini and Tom Davy and S. Fedorov and Ivana Fiore and D. Fulton and M. Germonpr{\'e} and J. Haile and Evan K. Irving-Pease and Alexandra Jamieson and Luc Janssens and I. Kirillova and L. K. Horwitz and Julka Kuzmanovi{\'c}-Cvetkovi{\'c} and Y. Kuzmin and Robert J. Losey and D. L. Dizdar and M. Mashkour and M. Novak and V. Onar and D. Orton and M. Pasari{\'c} and M. Radivojevi{\'c} and D. Rajkovi{\'c} and B. Roberts and H. Ryan and M. Sablin and F. Shidlovskiy and I. Stojanovi{\'c} and A. Tagliacozzo and Katerina Trantalidou and I. Ull{\'e}n and A. Villaluenga and Paula Wapnish and K. Dobney and A. G{\"o}therstr{\"o}m and Anna Linderholm and L. Dal{\'e}n and R. Pinhasi and G. Larson and P. Skoglund},
  pages={557 - 564}
  • A. Bergström, Laurent A. F. Frantz, +53 authors P. Skoglund
  • Published 2020
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Science
  • Dog domestication was multifaceted Dogs were the first domesticated animal, likely originating from human-associated wolves, but their origin remains unclear. Bergstrom et al. sequenced 27 ancient dog genomes from multiple locations near to and corresponding in time to comparable human ancient DNA sites (see the Perspective by Pavlidis and Somel). By analyzing these genomes, along with other ancient and modern dog genomes, the authors found that dogs likely arose once from a now-extinct wolf… CONTINUE READING
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