Origins and divergence of Aleuts, Eskimos, and American Indians.

  title={Origins and divergence of Aleuts, Eskimos, and American Indians.},
  author={Alan B Harper},
  journal={Annals of human biology},
  volume={7 6},
The apportionment of average gene frequency differences into within and between groups of Aleuts, Eskimos and Athabascans reveals a testable model of the time of origin and differentiation of these populations. Based on the ratio of average difference between Aleuts and Eskimos, to the average difference between Bering Sea Mongoloids and Athabascans, we estimate that Athabascans diverged from Bering Sea Mongoloids at approximately 15 000 BP. The ratio of Aleut/Eskimo to Yupik/Inupiaq suggests… CONTINUE READING