Origin of masses in the Early Universe

  title={Origin of masses in the Early Universe},
  author={Victor N. Pervushin and Andrej Arbuzov and Alexander Yu. Cherny and V. I. Shilin and Rashid G Nazmitdinov and Alexander E. Pavlov and Konstantin N. Pichugin and Alexander F. Zakharov},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
New model is suggested, where the Casimir mechanism is the source of masses and conformal symmetry breaking at the Planck epoch in the beginning of the Universe. The mechanism is the Casimir energy and associated condensate, which are resulted from the vacuum postulate and normal ordering of the conformal invariant Hamiltonian with respect to the quantum elementary field operators. It is shown that the Casimir top-quark condensate specifies the value of the Higgs particle mass without involving… Expand
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